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My Child Lebensborn is a simulation game based on real events. In the game, in addition to deciding the child's feelings, character development and worldview through choices, players must also work hard in the process of raising the child. Earn money, cook, craft, and play with the kids. Players can choose to adopt boys or girls, help them through the most difficult period of childhood, experience the different growth experiences of boys and girls, and give them the right guidance and care.


The game is full of realistic simulation development elements. Players can reasonably arrange the daily lifetime corresponding to each day, which can shorten the distance with their children, open their hearts, and unlock more plots and character growth. Taking children is also one of the most important tasks for players as guardians, taking children to cook, bathe, go to school, and shop. In addition, players must work to earn money, tell stories to children, sew clothes for children to wear, and especially write letters to find the truth about the connection between children and their loved ones. Loving this child is the secret to clearing the level. In the game, players can unlock more content by interacting with the child a lot.


When kids are bullied and in a bad mood, players need to spend more time playing with them. There are plenty of recreational activities that can bring them back to being happy and re-emerging to connect with people. Players can play ball, fish, paint, make cakes with their children, and give them gifts on special holidays. Believe that your child will be very happy.


Because children are labeled as "sinful" bloodlines, they are always bullied and ostracized for no reason. All players need to do is to patiently accompany them, talk to them, go into their hearts, and eliminate their inferiority complex and fear.


Can you help your child get out of harm's way and grow up healthy? Come and experience it in the game.

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