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What do you know about colors? Sensitive? I want to introduce you to a game that I find very warm and exciting. The game is called Color Match and was developed by Supersonic Studios Ltd.


This is an exciting coloring game, and players can be painted on the canvas above a variety of paint, let its mixed color, can with the requirements of the game system, if you can do it, players can complete the challenge. Mix the colors of your choice on the square canvas and try to match the object's color by moving the brush closer to the real thing. This game needs to play your artistic talent, with a variety of colors to match the color of natural objects, the more similar, the more rewarding! The player plays a genius colorist in the game, using limited colors to create accurate object colors on a square canvas, subtle manipulations, clever matching, realistic details, let the game bring out the player's competitive solid heart. As a simulation experience game, the choice of color in this unexpected direction is a bit unpopular. Color Match has gone to great lengths to make this unique game satisfying. Players can place different colors on it at will. The area is large enough to be divided into several small toning areas for experimenting with different color combinations. Rich levels bring tomatoes, nail art, strawberries, apples and many other references so that players can be deployed in the game out of colorful objects. Play is divided into two parts, respectively is the color and spray. In the previous introduction, I described the part of the color palette, up to four color combinations, so that players have a large number of possible color palettes. So let's talk about the spray-on part because if you think you're going to get through this by mixing the same color, you're naive. After mixing the colors, the next thing to do is spray the paints on the blank model, and when all is done, a prop will appear exactly like the sample. The game will be based on the color of a similar degree to judge. More than 90% of the color will be able to get a very high evaluation and thus harvest a rich gold reward. The game offers six different styles of brush and six different textures of the canvas for players to buy. There is also a virtual garden waiting to be decorated. Don't hesitate to download it!

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