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Coloring Match is a casual game published by SUPERSONIC STUDIOS LTD. Players can mix colors in a palette and paint 3D objects to find the right color, sell your painted items at auctions, or display them in your room. Additionally, players can explore different themed rooms, draw over 200 objects, and then create their own color masterpieces.


Coloring Match has many game features. First, it's simple and easy to draw. The player can try to find the color of the object and draw the object with the color on the canvas. Second, the player can learn the names of the different colors and by mixing those colors know which color you will get. Third, it has a free item option. Players can auction off their painted items or display them in rooms. Fourth, players can improve the decoration of 12 different themed rooms and home screens. Themed rooms mainly include gardens, kitchens, garages, cubes of different colors, greenhouses with many flowers, electronic products, balls for various sports, furniture, animals: aquariums, vegetables, cosmetics. Finally, players can quickly send objects to their friends on social networks or post them on social networks.


Its game is very simple. In Coloring Match, players need to click on the color they think is best and drag it onto the paper for control. Once the player has a color match, click the green button and the player can spray paint.


Although there is no music in Coloring Match, some actions made by the player have sound. The Coloring Match game is a lot of fun, but one of the things that frustrate players is that it's overloaded with ads. Ads may continue to appear, but ads can be canceled. Players can remove ads for £2.49 Ads are cancelable.


Overall, Coloring Match is an excellent mobile game, the controls are very optimized and easy to use, the graphics are very good, and the GUI doesn't have any flaws. The game is great. If you're looking for a clever color matching game, I highly recommend this game. It creates a fun, enjoyable experience for the player enough to keep anyone hooked.

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