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Coloring Match is a game released by Supersonic Studios LTD that mixes different shades together to try to match the shades on an object. Do it right, and players end up with an exact copy. Players can then sell it to fund renovations. The game has a simple core, so it's great for kids. But if you want your child to make the most of it, there are a few things you need, and your child must understand.


In the game, if your child wants to take control, click on the color he thinks best and drag it onto the paper. Once your child has a color match, click the green button and he's ready to spray paint. It is very important for the child to compare the colors and try again. After mixing the paint, click the green checkmark button to compare it to what you are trying to match. If the child is not satisfied with the percentage achieved, the child can click the purple continue button to return to the paint area and continue the attempt. In fact, reaching 100% accuracy is difficult, but the accuracy is between 86% and 92%, which is a good result for children. Also, one embellishment of each color is rarely enough to get the match you're looking for. Often there are subtle differences that are not noticed until the child compares the shades. When your child sprays objects in the second part of the challenge, make sure to keep spraying until the green button flashes. This means that the child has covered all objects. When the child completes the goal, the child can decide whether to sell it or keep it as a decoration in the space you are currently decorating. Selling it might be the best option, as the kid will end up with cash that he can use to spruce up his space anyway. Also, since there are already quite a few videos in Coloring Match, it's probably not worth spending more time watching them to get more cash from the auction. The child will earn enough while playing to be able to regularly upgrade his own space.


I'm sure you and your kids will love Color Match. Except for the overload of ads. Ads will keep appearing. But you can buy it to remove ads for £2.49. This is also the only purchase in the game. Overall, the Color Match controls are very optimized and easy to use. The graphics are very good, and there are no flaws in the GUI. The game is excellent. You and your child won't notice the passage of time during the game. I highly recommend this game. It creates a fun, enjoyable experience and enough to keep anyone hooked for hours. Both you and your kids will really enjoy the time together.

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