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Today, when the topic of fashion is hot, many games have also been born. Fashion Store Tycoon is one such game. The theme is to play the role of a salesperson in a fashion store. Fashion Universe will bring players many interesting experiences. Help players unleash your passion for fashion and business in the fashion world. This is the best simulation game for girls who love beauty to achieve wealth and satisfy fashion pursuits.


Fashion Universe reimagines the business of a player's fashion store. As a female character, the player will understand what needs to be done to serve guests. Let your female friends realize your dream of creating your own real store with this game.


In the Fashion Universe, role-playing starts the game with players taking on the role of a service worker in a fashion store. Players need to meet and satisfy the needs of customers within a given time. Players need to guide guests into the locker room. Help them get items. The player should do a good job of controlling this character's movements quickly and accurately. Revenue is all from customers. Therefore, players need to serve customers with the best service to keep them satisfied. They will shop more at your store. In terms of customer focus, the game really tests the player's business strategy. As a business simulation game, store revenue is obviously the top priority. There are a lot of things that players need to upgrade. The more you upgrade, the more luxurious and upscale your store will be. Only in this way, we can timely respond to the latest fashion trends in the market.


If you are passionate about fashion and are determined to open your own store. Even ambitious to develop into a first-class fashion store. Let's start by opening a small shop on the street in the Fashion Universe. Keep working and save up to upgrade everything in the shop. Gradually expand and develop visibility. Turn an ordinary shop into a famous haute couture store.

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