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Remember a few birds that were all the rage a few years ago? They're always angry, but they're also brave. Speaking of which, have you figured out which game I'm talking about it? That's right, Angry Birds 2 is an entertaining casual game from Rovio Entertainment Corporation.


Compared with the first game, this game is a new casual catapult game that continues not only the previous classic but also adds more elements of play, rich levels, and so on your challenge. Different combat mode as you experience, more can with good friend and another player together battle, beat Boss Pig, refresh ranking list ceaselessly! Angry Birds 2 is very beautiful and casual based on the slingshot mobile games. The game retains cartoon style and humorous music and added 15 new game levels. In addition, it will include two new game-themed scenes and more skilled bird types for players to challenge. 3D engine, super explicit dynamic scene; random card challenge, Boss Card Pig; Angry Birds 2 launched a new era of a slingshot! Dazzling game screen, challenging multi-level levels, cunning boss pig and more powerful lethality will set off a global slingshot game storm! The game has a 3D super-clear picture, feel the dazzling, dynamic scene. Angry Birds 2 takes full advantage of the 3D engine, combining shaking trees, shaking flowers, wind, lightning, special lighting and other emotional scenes. Pig Island has never had such a powerful scene so that players can experience the feeling of immersive.


Join Blizzard, Pepper, golden duck and other cool spells to help you fight the pigs. This time the pig is not the pig you bullied before. "Pig Island" has several brutal characters, including pig boss, pig chef and the infamous Pig King. They'll do whatever it takes to make your balls feel like their own. Various random cards add not only multi-phase combat mode but also full of unknown organs and traps. The only way to defeat the pig is to bomb it with map organs. I do not need to introduce the rules for you, I think, choose which bird on the slingshot, the use of strategy, to beat the pig on it. Want to relive your childhood? Try downloading it now.

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