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Angry Birds 2 is published by Rovio. Their Angry Birds and Egg Stealing Pigs are back. It's actually a sequel to Angry Birds. Still, Angry Birds 2's status is a reboot. The game goes back to the basics of bird slings while increasing production value and designed it from the ground up as a freemium game.


As a game, Angry Birds 2 does many things very well. It's far from the most aggressive mobile game in terms of freemium. Its video ads are also hailed as gamer-friendly devices that take some of the pressure off.


The plot of Angry Birds 2 remains the same. Piggy Island is full of evil green pigs who have two main interests: stealing eggs and building a series of towers out of wood, ice, and stone to protect themselves from Angry Birds. As before, the player's job is to catapult the bird. Red, Chuck, Matilda, Blues all have their own special powers.


The Angry Birds 2 game launched with 140 levels, meanwhile, Angry Birds 2 has some new twists. Once the player has destroyed a group of pigs, the player can move on to the next part of the level. Boss battles with bigger and harder to destroy pig foreman, pig chef and pig king enemies.


Overall, all of this in Angry Birds 2 is presented in a gorgeous way. The game looks great, from the level backgrounds to the little details. Additionally, once the player completes 25 levels, the player will unlock an arena section. This section will provide players with daily challenges and tournaments. Players can compete with friends to upgrade your bird. If you are a fan of Angry Birds, don't miss this Angry Birds 2. It will only do better than before. Download it now.

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