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Angry Birds 2 is a mobile casual game published by Rovio Entertainment Corporation. Angry Birds 2 is very similar to what we've seen from Angry Birds games in the past. Those green pigs that kids hate are back and taking all your kids' eggs. The child's goal is to restore these unborn birds by throwing poultry at buildings and oddly colored pigs. Bring them before the birds run out. The child's score will be based on the performance of birds used and structural damage, which in turn determines the number of stars the child will receive. Also unlock spells and beat any stage with ease.


Like previous iterations, Angry Birds 2 follows roughly the same formula as the first digital sequel to the original Angry Birds. Each bird has its own specific characteristics and abilities. The child can trigger it by tapping the screen while the bird is flying. The red bird strikes anything in front of it, the smaller blue bird splits in three, the white bird throws egg bombs, the yellow flies faster, and the new grey character can fly straight down and smash opponents. Angry Birds 2 has 240 stages to play with, so your kids won't be completely out of fun, especially considering the addition of arenas now that kids can play if your bird can hold on. Then you can compare the high scores with your kids to see who the real master is.


Angry Birds 2 doesn't just add visuals. The way players strategize their attacks has been improved. Whereas previous games gave players birds in a fixed order, here you choose bird cards from a deck of cards. This encourages your child to use each bird's special abilities at the best of times. Children can also add spell cards to their hand. Spells can do anything. Success is more valuable when your child feels like the result of their right choice. Kids will love it when tackling new, sprawling multi-screen levels as they pull together for their plans.


Overall, Angry Birds 2 is a very fun game that retains the classic essence while adding enough improvements to keep it fresh and lively. Angry Birds 2 looks good thanks to its animations and improved graphics. It also plays well. Your kids will love that it gives them more options when it comes to bird selection and strategy. Game physics is as good as ever. I recommend parents to download this game for your kids and let you experience the happy time of Angry Birds 2 together.

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