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The protagonist of Sonic Dash 2 is the cool hedgehog Sonic the kids love. In the game, your child can enjoy running purely for fun. Of course, kids need to avoid enemies and obstacles. It will be very exciting and fun. If your kids hit an obstacle, they will lose the lost ring, and if hit twice in a row, the kids will end the game.


In the game, kids can play not only Sonic but also his buddies Tails, Knuckles or Amy and run around a vivid and colorful world, while players need to destroy enemies while accumulating rings and picking up blue orbs. At the top of the player's screen, there is a meter showing a refueling area. Once it shows full status, the player can tap twice to activate. Players can then go straight through enemies and obstacles at breakneck speed in the meantime. It makes players win faster, and it works cool.


Sonic Dash 2 should be the first choice for kids who love running games. Because Sonic himself is an avid runner. It's even cooler to have him run around a cool world with your kids. Trust me this is a quick and fun game, and your kids will find themselves wanting to get back to Sonic again and again. Join him in trying to avoid captures and obstacles.


Kids can jump by swiping up or swiping down. Swipe left or right to let the kids' Sonic switch tracks while running. On the game's track, kids can collect rings that help their characters level up. Or collecting red stars can help kids resurrect their characters. Of course, there are many interesting props for your child to explore and try on their own.


Sonic Dash 2 gives your child a cartoon-like experience in 3D. It features smooth graphics, beautiful and generous colors, and stunning environments and character designs that kids will love. In addition, it has cheerful tunes that provide your kids with a more enjoyable and complete gaming experience. Don't hesitate to download Sonic Dash 2 for your kids now.

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