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Talking Tom Gold Run is an endless runner game developed by Outfit7. It supports Apple iOS, Android mobile phone systems. In the game, Tom tries to build his house, but a nasty raccoon takes the gold from Tom. Players need to play as Tom or Angela and chase the gold coins he was taken. During the chase, players need to avoid many obstacles along the way to hunt down the hateful raccoon and get back Tom's gold coins.


The gameplay and graphics of Talking Tom Gold Run are like other running games. It also has a 3D cartoon style and colorful graphics. In the gameplay, the player controls Tom cat by swiping left, right, up and down to stay away from obstacles and collect gold coins. At the same time, the game will automatically run the player's character, so the player only needs to focus on dodging obstacles and grabbing coins. In addition, the game's music is very fast-paced, and when the player enters a special level, the music changes accordingly.


There are also many props in this game. These props ensure that the player's gaming experience is always fresh and interesting. For example, there is an item that protects the player, which allows the player to make one mistake without ending the game. Also, the magnet item will help the player to automatically attract all the coins to the game character. Jet props help the player fly into the sky and avoid all obstacles. But these props have a time limit or a limit on the number of times they can be used. In addition, there are also some power-up props to help players provide more assistance in running. There are many more types of props like this. This requires players to explore themselves in the game.


Overall, Talking Tom Gold Run is a very fun and exciting parkour game. It is like games like Subway Surfers. But the difference is that in this game, players will meet talking Tom and his buddies. Players will have a happy time with them. Download Talking Tom Gold Run now. Help Tom recover his gold coins.

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