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Players who regularly play time management games will find Happy Clinic easy to pick up. Each level starts with patients arriving at the clinic, some of which require a diagnosis. The player then drags each patient to an empty bed and assigns him or her the appropriate doctor. during treatment. Players play as nurses and assist doctors to bring them various medical tools and take patients to other sites. An interesting feature about the gameplay is the "Med-O-Matic," a highly advanced capsule that automatically treats designated patients but takes time to recharge after each use. During gameplay, players only need to remember to click and drag. Drag the patient to their bed and tap to get any device or call the doctor.


Happy Clinic focuses more on gameplay than storyline. The only time the story of Happy Clinic really moves forward is at the transition points between locations. In addition, Happy Clinic will impress the toy in terms of audiovisual. Bright and bold graphics, along with upbeat music, amplify the lively atmosphere of the game. The characters in the game have big heads and small bodies, which is cute, and at the same time, they all have their own personalities that shine from their looks. Players will love the detail added to the Happy Clinic visuals.


Happy Clinic isn't the most complicated game, but it's certainly a hectic one. Happy Clinic has a total of 105 levels, with an average of 15 levels per location. In addition, the game has seven bubble-shooter-style bonus levels. Each level in the game contains many tasks.


Overall, Happy Clinic is a well-structured game that players will have fun playing. It's a fun casual game for all ages and unique among other time management games, with vivid visuals and simple controls. It will meet all the requirements of players for casual games. So, download it and try to join Happy Clinic's hospital.

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