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Happy Clinic is a free time management hospital game released by Nordcurrent on June 7, 2017. Playing as a doctor can be a lot of fun for your kids. Happy Clinic takes this philosophy to heart with a simple time management experience that puts your child in the middle of becoming a full-time doctor. Carrying pills, changing sheets, sterilizing tweezers, and placing patients in magic panacea bags are just a few of the thing’s kids will do for patients in this hospital.


Happy Clinic keeps time management simple and focuses on task queues. Sick patients walk through the front door, waiting for the personal touch of the children who are doctors. Your kids need to drag them to an empty bed and call the right doctor to diagnose their ailment. When the kids know what it is, take the appropriate medication from the equipment around the room. Pills and complementary treatments of all types are fair game, some as simple as picking them up and putting them down, while others take more time to complete.


Children need to master the correct treatment and hand over the goods to the doctor. The patient will then stand up and be healed by the mysterious power of science. After cleaning the bed and placing the sheets, the kids are ready for the next patient. Work fast, because when kids' clients aren't being cared for, their patience goes down. If you and your kids have ever been to a hospital in the real world, you know how frustrating those waits can be.


Happy Clinic takes place in a handful of hospital locations, each with its own layout and items that need to be upgraded. The story moves forward between regions. This game focuses on time management, it is very simple, and it also trains children's patience and time management thinking. So, parents should download this game for your child. Let the children experience the joy of being a doctor and understand the process of the hospital in the game.

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