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When you were a kid, were you good at making things by hand? You know, drawing, origami. The game I'm going to show you today is Paper Fold, developed by Good Job Games.


The game is based on levels, providing different images in each group, allowing players to fold them in a particular order, thus forming a complete picture of the various parts. Simple operation, exciting play, the logical thinking of the experience bring players relaxed, leisure, pressure game pleasure. With the help of an origami puzzle, this exciting and straightforward way of operation help players improve picture recognition, memory, logical thinking and other capabilities. On the one hand, the player can see the different shapes of each part during the folding process. On the other hand, when trying the origami sequence, you need to know the exact content of each component, and their relationship to each other, fold the paper in the correct order and finally get the complete picture.


The gameplay is simple but complex, simple is the game operator is very simple, click on the part that needs to be folded to complete the operation, complicated because of the game process, the decision and choice of the origami sequence are what fascinates the player. How to quickly and accurately through the origami complete the level of the pattern will be the most crucial. The picture is relatively simple, but the story inside the design is vibrant. In addition, the game's background plate provides a solid color, a variety of different patterns and styles of modeling, reducing the result of a single background resulting in aesthetic fatigue. On the other hand, each game level offers a lifelike, playful pose for animals, plants, or other objects. The richness of the subject matter makes the player more curious about what items will appear at the next level. If you like the puzzle type of fun hand tour, if you are interested in playing origami, if you want to exercise your memory and logical thinking skills through the game, don't miss out on this piece of "Paper Fold."

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