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Paper Fold is a game about origami. Game developed by Good Job Games. In the game, the player needs to pull back the corner to reveal the image. Fold it wrong and the player will have to start the whole thing all over again. The trick to the game is simple, and players always know what to look for when they start folding.


First, the player finds the longest side of the paper you will have to fold. Usually, the longest side is the first or last side the player needs to fold. So, it's not a foolproof plan, but it will give players a good base. In the second step, the player needs to look at the shape. The player needs to see the shape of the center of the paper and the shape of the edges that need to be folded. This will give the player a good idea of what you're going to do and how you're going to get there. In the third step, the player needs to experiment and try to fold a few sides to see where you end up. If the player is blocking the parts, or it is obvious that the player is heading in the right direction, tap the folded parts to put them back in place. Knowing what you're doing wrong is a step in the direction of knowing what you're doing right. In the fourth step, the player needs to know the extent of the paper you are going to fold to see what it will cover. Even if there is only a small portion of the image on the fold, there may be a lot of white space that covers the rest of the image.


In addition, Paper Fold supports players to get new themes. Players unlocking new themes will give you collapsible new images and new backgrounds. They're the only things that change in the game, so players better unlock them when they get the chance. After completing the first set of levels in the new theme, players can find the theme in the theme menu and watch the video there. The theme can then be permanently unlocked.


Overall, Paper Fold is a great and unique game. Players won't notice the passage of time during gameplay, and there are no dull moments when thinking. It is a multi-level game. Players can conquer many levels in this game. This will be very interesting. The game's beautiful visuals complement the soothing soundtrack. This is a great way for players to get rid of stress and relax. I highly recommend players download this game.

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