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When it comes to parkour, what's the first thing that comes to mind? For me, one of my favorite parkour Games is called Subway riders, developed by Sybo Games. I think this is a childhood memory for many of us; as the market more and more parkour games, people seem to have slowly forgotten the existence of such a beautiful and relaxed parkour game.


This is a classic parkour game; street culture is influential on the screen, using American cartoon style. The overall picture with bright colors will be relaxed and pleasant atmosphere rendering in place. The game also joined the character plot. The police uncle Chase Naughty Jack, let the player feel a strong sense of empathy. This is a fun and casual parkour theme mobile game with stunning and lovely pictures and rich scenes. Ushered in a new journey, providing a wide variety of game props that can be used to help you run more freely, a large number of gold coins waiting for you to take, flexible and accessible, full of fun! Do you remember how to play it?


It's straightforward, and it tests your skill. For a short period, you can control the direction of your character, which can be very helpful for jumping in succession or where you want to turn after a jump. So don't jump like you don't know what you're doing until you hit the ground. The jump distance is not constant. In the uphill section, the jump distance will be much shorter. In the downhill section, the jump distance will be much longer. So, avoid obstacles when you must grasp the take-off distance in these places. Skateboarding has a life-saving function, and special skateboarding skills will bring more magical effects and be manually closed into the skateboarding system. Many subway parkour props will impact jumping, such as running shoes, boosters, jumping props. Especially jumping props, can jump to the top to eat many gold coins, but when falling, need to change direction in time. After all this, do you want your childhood back? Download it now!

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