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Subway Surfers is an endless running video game. The game starts with tapping on the touchscreen, where the character sprays graffiti on the subway, then gets caught by the inspector and his dog and starts chasing the character. While running, the player controls the protagonist by sliding the screen. Swipe up to jump, swipe down, swipe left to jump left, swipe right to jump right to avoid hitting oncoming obstacles, especially moving subways, utility poles, tunnel walls and obstacles. Swipe quickly as the speed increases to get more points. The controls are easy to learn, and the character controls are simple.


During the game, the game increases the running speed of the game character, thereby increasing the speed at which new obstacles appear. Game-value obstacles have also become more challenging, introducing moving trains that require faster reaction times to avoid. A player's success in the game largely depends on how fast you swipe. Here, the coins players collect on each run can be used to unlock more content, such as game improvements or cosmetic items.


Players can choose different characters to control. As the player earns more coins, the player can buy different characters to play with. Subway Surfers will also automatically upgrade all the time. For example, during the Super Bowl, Subway Surfers upgraded the theme into a football field. The graphics of the game are good, and they are efficient enough for the game. The game also has a social media element. If players are logged into their Facebook account, they can play against friends who also own the game. This game makes the game more replayable.


Overall, Subway Surfers has a unique visual style and fun gameplay. Its controls are responsive, the gameplay is addictive, and it doesn't try to force you to spend money on in-game items. Subway Surfers as an endless runner mobile game. It is available on Android, iOS supported devices and I highly recommend downloading it for players who like parkour games. It's worth trying.

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