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Welcome to the New game! which is called "Airport Security". This game is going to make you laugh, feel sick, but ultimately give you a lot of knowledge. This game is for entertainment purposes. The airport security game is a fun and interactive way to explore the work of airport security, find out how airport security works, and learn about the latest technology in use. This game has "Champions" where one can compete against different countries. Definitely, the "Champions" section is one of the most popular sections of this game, with large numbers of players, and is constantly growing. The reason behind it is that all are extraordinary levels that make you feel different on every level.


Inside this game, you will find out the game has been used by airport security officers, who have found it useful to see the questions that are being asked by passengers in the airport. It has also been used by people interested in becoming airport security officers.


Everyday person at the airport goes through extensive background checks that can last for several hours. The Airport Security game was created by a young Dutchman named Sanne van den Berg in 1999. He was always curious about airport security questions. So, the idea for this game came from his fascination with airport security and his desire to find out more about the work of an airport security officer. After creating the first version of the Airport Security game in 1999, it became a very popular website in The Netherlands and abroad. Every people liked that game too much. After getting too much love from people and support new versions also come out. All games are in no way affiliated with the airport security experience. So go ahead and have some fun becoming a pilot, cabin service employee, or police officer!

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