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Angry Birds Journey is a puzzle game published by Rovio Entertainment Corporation. Its gameplay is very similar to the look of the original Angry Birds game, but the gameplay is very different. Players will guide the iconic Angry Birds through a series of puzzles. As the player progresses, solving the difficulties of each stage becomes more and more challenging. In the game, each bird has its own unique skills, and players will use these skills to help you solve the stages of some of the puzzles in the game.


Angry Birds Journey features the original pull slingshot gameplay. But this game has a faster pace than its predecessor. And the point of the game is to require the player to destroy something, not everything. Angry Birds Journey will take players around the world in search of your favorite flock of birds, as well as mysterious egg-shaped artifacts. The nasty little pigs in the game are back, and they're still doing bad things. Those mysterious egg-shaped artifacts have powerful and mysterious powers, and players need to help the angry birds to find them and activate them before the hateful pigs. Angry Birds Journey has over a hundred levels for players to complete, and tons of rewards to unlock. So players will definitely not get bored here, and it will definitely keep players hooked for a while.


Each level of the game is divided into a series of small blocks. The player has to drag your bow and shoot the bird into the nasty pig-infested building, but the player only needs to smash parts of it. Finally, the player has to kill all the pigs and release all the chicks. Players will find this very addicting.


Angry Birds Journey is a free download game. Players can go to App Store or Google Play to download. If you are a fan of the Angry Birds series or looking for a relaxing and fun game to kill time, then Angry Birds Journey is a good choice. It is worth downloading by players.

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