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The gameplay of Angry Birds Journey is very similar to the original Angry Birds game form. It retains the essence of when Angry Birds came out 12 years ago but is closer to the modern game. This fun little game will be great for kids to have fun at leisure. In the game, the children's goal is to destroy the nasty little green pig by throwing those angry birds with slingshots, and at the same time, there are various structures blocking the road during the throwing process. In addition, the game contains other tasks for children to complete. This will be very interesting.


The game pace of Angry Birds Journey has become faster, and children will find this addictive game more exciting. There are many different birds with different skills in the game. Each bird's character has unique abilities, like explosive skills or attracting things around like a magnet.


Angry Birds Journey is designed to bring a more relaxing gaming experience, its challenges are not difficult, so this is suitable for kids. While the difficulty of the game will continue to grow, kids don't need to worry, as there are always opportunities for gifts to make the next game easier. Indeed, your kids will be rewarded with fun prizes as they progress in the game. Such as coins or power-up items, etc.


Overall, Angry Birds Journey's simple operation and adorable birds will appeal to children. I highly recommend this game to parents of your kids. It is a very safe puzzle game for kids. Games are fun and exercise children's reflexes. You can experience this joy with your child. Download it now. I believe that your children will love the game Angry Birds Journey very much. But parents beware, Angry Birds Journey is a free-to-download game, which means the game is full of in-app purchases, and parents need to remind their kids of unnecessary purchases.

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