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My Talking Tom is a virtual pet game released by Outfit7. In Tom's world, players will spend quality time with their pet cat, Tom.


Tom is very cute. Players can do a lot of fun things with him. The player needs to take care of him. When he is hungry, the player needs to feed him. The player must take him to the bathroom to take a shower when he is not very clean. But it's not a boring job, because when the player helps him, he makes you happy. He makes a variety of funny expressions and gestures to make the player laugh. Players can also play games with him. When he was in a good mood, he would whistle. When he shows such positive energy, he is very handsome, and he will make the player feel as happy as he is. The player's life is as simple as his life, when he is sleepy, remember to take him to bed. And always try to keep him happy and not let him get bored.


There are 1000 fur combinations to choose from in My Talking Tom. So, players can unleash their creativity and try to find the best fur for Tom every time. Players can also buy him some clothes. When he is happy with his appearance, he will be very happy. A comfortable life will also help improve Tom's standard of living, which will make him happier. So, if the player can afford it, the best decision is to buy him some nice furniture.


Most importantly, players must always show love and patience with Tom. No matter how skilled the player is as his owner, what matters is how patient and loving you are with your pet. If the player is patient and kind enough, Tom will always be happy, and he will never be bored. Raising Tom into an adult cat is a very satisfying thing.


Every minute of participating in Tom's growth will be meaningful to players. It looks like the player is taking care of him all the time, but in fact, the player also has a lot of fun in the process. Players will also gain a lot of joy and happiness, which is incomparable. The player is his only master, and the player has his full trust. So, taking care of him is the player's responsibility and the player's top priority. Players will also gain a lot of joy and happiness.


Download My Talking Tom. When you are tired in real life, you can relax in Tom's world, because he will feel that life is not so complicated. You can live as happy and simple as Tom. My Talking Tom won't let you down.

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