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My Talking Tom is a virtual pet game released by Outfit7 in November 2013. The objective of the game is that the player needs to take care of an anthropomorphic gray tabby cat named Tom. It's a game for all ages, but also great for kids to experience. In this game, Tom the cat drinks some potions to make him a baby again. Your kids need to take care of their Tom Kitten and interact with him in different ways such as feeding him, taking him to the bathroom, playing mini games and stuffing him into his room to help him grow from a kitten baby Grow into an adult male cat. Sleep in bed when you are tired. Tom can use synthesized speech to repeat words spoken into the device's microphone for up to 25 seconds. You and your kids can choose to visit Tom's friends, or travel the world through in-app purchases, in-game currency or by logging into Facebook. Using in-game currency, kids can buy a variety of different outfits, skins, and accessories to dress up and customize Tom. There are many extra buttons in the game for various actions. More actions and buttons that kids can unlock by spending some real money at the store.


The game's coins can be purchased for $1.99 to $104.19, which will also stop in-game advertising. You can buy a baby potion that turns Tom into a baby again for $2.19, or an adult potion that turns him into an adult. Alternatively, boosters can be purchased for $2.19, which will double all coins earned in the game.


Your kids can also connect to Facebook to earn coins, visit friends, and let them visit. When kids log into Facebook, the game receives their public profile and friend list. Kids can visit "random" players to earn coins. When your kids visit Toms, there's a treasure chest to tap that will reveal the prize when opened. In-app games have a Google+ leaderboard. Kids can compare scores with friends. When your child signs into Google+, the game receives their basic profile information, a list of people in their circles, and can make your child's game activity available through Google, share Google+ information, and manage game activity.


I think My Talking Tom is a must try for your kids. Give it to your kids by downloading it from the Google Play or Apple Store. It is suitable for children from 3 years old and it is very fun. So, go and try this game on your device.

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