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High Heels! is a casual parkour mobile game published by Zynga. This is a game about high heels graphics, so it's perfect for girls who love shoes. The player will be a glamorous avatar wearing a pair of magenta heels. Players need to run on the track to jump over obstacles. The higher the heel of the player's shoe, the easier it is to escape the wall. Each parkour has different obstacles. There are railings on the roof, players must spread their legs and slide, jump over walls, keep their balance, and there is a huge podium waiting for players at the end of the road. Every obstacle will take your shoes off if the player doesn't handle it properly.


The controls and level structure of the High Heels! game is deliberately simple, which is why it works so well. There is minimal thinking involved, but a lot of pure joy. It's the perfect game for a protracted global pandemic. Players need to pick as many high-heeled shoes as possible on the road, so that you can walk to the final podium. Heel walking will make the player feel like a queen. Everyone loves to look perfect, and these heels will make gamers shine like stars.


High Heels! changes the character of the player. In this footwear game, players will feel like a designer. Among the dozens of different accessories available in stores are buttons, necklaces, puppies in bags, angel wings. Best of all, players can find designer heels in very different styles and colors to suit your style. This simply brings a perfect world for beauty-loving children. Players can get a lot of fancy accessories to take your fashion footwear game to the next level. Get a complete makeover in-game. Players can get fancy bags, angel heels, bracelets, demon, and angel crowns, and even a bunny tail. Girls will love them and never take them off again.


High Heels! all have a similar weird spin. Avatars of the game can be unlocked by collecting diamonds and watching ads and come in a wide range of gender representations and body types. In the world of high-heeled shoes, all these characters are feminine, and your game characters are waiting for you to join and work with you to survive.

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