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ConcernedApe has published Stardew Valley, an agricultural RPG. In this award-winning open-ended agricultural RPG with over 50+ hours of playable content and new Mobile-specific features like auto-save, you go to the countryside and start life again. Since its debut in 2014, it has been regarded as one of the best games, garnering several honors such as Game of the Year at the BAFTA Games Awards 2017, Golden Joysticks' Breakthrough Award, and a nomination for Game at 2017.


The gameplay is very similar to the original with 4 main areas. Farm, they are a variety of things you can do, from farming to fishing, mining and crafting. There are also many NPCs you can talk to who will seem real because of the amazing art style. Town, this is where you'll buy supplies and sell items. Visit the various characters found here to learn more about them. Dungeon, there are a variety of dungeons in Stardew Valley and each has at least one treasure chest containing rare items and even some secrets along the way.


This is your social life; these include romances and friendships. This is what makes the game unique as it's one of the few games you actually develop a relationship with people. Difficulties this game has 4 modes: Casual, Normal, Hard and Very Hard. Each has its own challenges. in multiplayer you can invite friends to your farm to help out with chores or simply hang out and chat. You can also do co-op mode where you take turns playing with friends online. The events in multiplayer are the same as in the solo mode. Redecorate your home, with over 50 different options. In “Farm Expansion” you can add a variety of things such as barns, coops and wells by using materials you've gathered around the mines and forests in Stardew Valley. So, let’s start.

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