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My Talking Tom 2 is a virtual pet game application. As in the old version, players will adopt a beautiful kitten. Players must feed cats, sleep, and participate in games to raise cats. After collecting enough money or fulfilling the usual conditions in the game, the player can then buy and change clothes for Tom that are available in the store.


My Talking Tom 2 is an engaging game, but the gameplay is so simple. The game will help the player create a cat that the player can play with, feed, buy clothes, and more. The player must take care of your cat by feeding and drinking. Players can also play and tease your cat by pressing on the cat's arms, legs, abdomen, or head. The most unique thing about My Talking Tom2 is that Tom also has his own pet, and there are four more waiting for you to discover.


My Talking Tom2 features bright, beautiful colors that complement the clothing and rich interior. Tom's every move comes with lively, fun, and interesting sound effects. The game has advanced controls. It allows the player to spin, drag, drop, and toss Tom. Players can also travel with Tom to many exciting places to bring back rewards for Tom's cat. Interact with this adorable cat named Tom. When the player touches him, he responds and repeats everything you say with a funny voice.


Every time the player speaks, Tom will imitate and repeat your words with the cat's cute and funny voice. Players can buy accessories and clothes for Tom to make the house more beautiful. Players can play available mini-games to make money shopping for Tom. Mini-games help players earn rewards to buy more food and items for Tom. The game provides players with a real experience, allowing the player's cat to go to the toilet, brush teeth, and bathe every day. Players should remember to let the cat go to the toilet and bath every day to keep him clean.


While Tom is just a pet that lives on your phone, players need to always remember that you have a pet to take care of. My Talking Tom 2 provides players with the real experience of caring for real cats. Download My Talking Tom 2 now. It won't let you down.

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