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My Talking Tom 2 is a virtual game published by Outfit7 on November 3, 2018. Just like before, players need to adopt little Tom and take care of him as a virtual pet to help him grow up happily and healthily. But now there are new minigames, new food, new clothes, and new furniture to play. Tom is more fun now than ever. Players can now pick him up, move him, spin him, put him down, throw him, and even place him on toilets, bathtubs, beds, and planes. This game is suitable for all ages. Especially for your child to relax after a stressful study time. While playing, your child will discover new friends and new challenges in mini games. There are many different categories of mini games in My Talking Tom 2. Your child can feed the cat, sleep, and play to raise the cat. Help Tom collect enough money or meet the regular conditions in the game, then Tom will be able to buy and change outfits available in the store.


My Talking Tom 2 is an engaging game, but the gameplay is so simple. The game gives you a real experience, all the work is exactly as you need to do for your cat. As well as having to feed and drink your cat to the kids, Tom will imitate and repeat the kids' words with the cat's cute and funny voice every time he speaks. Children can also buy Tom accessories and clothes to make the house more beautiful. Mini games help to earn rewards to buy more food and items for Tom. Another exciting thing is that Tom also has his own pet, and there are four more waiting for you to discover. Kids can also travel with Tom to many exciting places to bring home rewards for Tom's cat. Over time, Tom will grow with daily care and play. If the kids forget about Tom for too long without taking care of him, Tom will disappear. You will have to create a brand new one.


My Talking Tom 2 features diverse and vivid 3D graphics depicting the movements and expressions of cats and pets. It also features bright, beautiful colors that complement clothing and rich interiors. Every movement of the cat is accompanied by vivid, funny, and interesting sound effects. It imitates children's voices, yawns, and frightens. The game has advanced controls. It allows kids to spin, drag, drop, and toss Tom. There is also the ability to fly Tom to new worlds.


My Talking Tom 2 gives kids the real experience of caring for real cats. The game is not only attractive to children, but also adults. Interact with this adorable cat named Tom and it's all going to be so much fun. Download My Talking Tom 2 now. Your kids can play and relax with Tom without spending too much time, anytime, anywhere.

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