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Coin Master is a free-to-play single-player casual mobile game for iOS and Android published by Israeli studio Moon Active. It is currently the best-selling mobile game in the UK and Germany. Coin Master lets players spin slot machines to win coins, shields, and weapons so they can attack and raid villages and build their Viking villages. Characters travel through time and magical lands to build their village and become the best pirate, hippie, king, warrior, or Viking. Additionally, Coin Master can use Facebook to connect players with their friends and encourage more users.


Coin Master is essentially a virtual slot machine. Throughout the game, players collect "spins", and when players accumulate enough, you can use them to spin the slot machine. This allows players to win coins, attacks, raids, shields, or more spins. Players can also earn coins by playing slots that allow you to build and upgrade your village, earn stars, and progress up the leaderboards. Attacks and raids from the slot machine feature allow you to attack and raid other players' villages for more coins. It should be noted that while raiding villages, the graphics are not violent or gory in nature. When players run out of spins, the game encourages players to keep playing for longer. Five free spins are offered every hour, which means it can take a few hours to generate enough coins to buy the next building for your village.


On the social media front, Coin Master allows players to connect the game with their Facebook accounts and invite their Facebook friends to play against them. There is also the option to continue as a guest without connecting to social media. While players can see the avatars of players you are playing against, players cannot communicate with them.


Coin Master is a game about building a village using cash earned from playing slot machines. Players build enough villages and then unlock the next village, which in turn increases the value of the reward. On top of that are some simple social mechanics through which you can attack other players' villages to destroy their buildings and earn gold or raid gold masters by digging up buried treasure in their villages. The game is very interesting. But because the main idea of Coin Master is to use the slot machine function to earn coins, to avoid it encourages children to gamble. Parents should also be considerate when monitoring the time spent playing this game and any in-app purchases.

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