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Pou was first developed by Zakeh Ltd in 2012 and currently supports IOS and android systems. Players can buy from the Apple Store, Google Play, and the Zakeh website. It is suitable for players of all ages and features in-app purchases and advertising. The game presents an alien creature called Pou, which the player must take care of by feeding, cleaning, and playing. He is actually very cute. Players will get used to his brown, spotted appearance. Pou is a very simple game. Players will be invited to take care of Pou like a new hamster or rabbit or any other cute furry pet. Players can directly have fun without registering or entering a lot of personal information. Pou is taken care of by the player, and it will grow up. When Pou is ignored by the player, it gets dirty. He has problems with his eyes because he doesn't eat. In other words, any player needs to take care of their virtual pet patiently and responsibly.


The game walks the player through the basics, instructs the player to drag food into the Pou's mouth to feed it, then navigate to the bathroom to soap the Pou and rinse it off in the shower. Simple icons at the top of the screen show Pou's stats. This allows players to see how they are doing, take care of their virtual pets, and remind them to feed and play with Pou.


The overall design of the game Pou is simple and hasn't changed much since it first launched in 2012. Character Pou is essentially a block color line drawing. The background of the game is also very simple. The bold colors and loud shapes give the game a cool retro feel that will remind players of earlier games. Additionally, the design means the layout is very easy to understand and navigate, making it accessible to any player.

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