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Pou is a game released by Zakeh Ltd in 2012 for virtual pets to take care of and available in the AppStore and Playstore. This virtual pet game revolves around Pou, a cute circular alien character who needs to eat, bathe, exercise, play and sleep. Just like most other pet games, you can customize Pou by dressing him up, choosing his food, decorating his bedroom and changing his wallpaper. Pou is suggested to entertain players ages 4+, and it's likely to please the whole family with hours of mindless fun and enjoyment. So, it's perfect for entertaining you and your kids. Its graphics and gameplay itself may be simple, but its principles are timeless. This game lets your kids carry a pet in their pocket, take it on vacation, to school, or even in the car, and they don't have to deal with any of the mess or expense that a real critter can cause.

After opening the game for a while, children will see their pets start from an infancy and grow and develop with the children's care. The more your child cares about him and completes tasks, the more clothing and cool accessories you can buy for him, even hairstyles and facial hair.


Pou is a fun game for kids to score and collect coins. There are driving games, sports games, tap and match games, and more. There are 32 games in the playroom, and as long as the kids collect enough coins, they can level up and unlock all kinds of cool rewards. Pou's health and well-being index is displayed at the top of the screen, so your child can see when he needs to feed, clean, play or cuddle. When he's unhappy, he purrs, which helps remind kids of his needs. Once the kids notice the problem, they can move into a new room to fix it. There is a bathroom where the kids can bathe and shower with soap and bubbles. There is a kitchen where kids can guide different foods into his mouth to see if he likes them. There's a whole world out there for Pou to explore, full of games and pastimes that boost his happiness.


One of the most popular aspects of the app is that kids can buy a ton of clothes and accessories for Pou as they progress. There are glasses, hats and canes, robes and shoes, and more. The kids even have police outfits that can be unlocked. Plus, there are some very bright and funny wallpapers available to bring Pou's home to life.


Overall, Pou is very fun and very safe for kids as it is very simple and harmless. Children can play by themselves without constant supervision. This is great for parents to continue to deal with the many things you need to do. Pou is so cute and his world is so joyous and interesting that this game can be very addicting, so it's important for parents to set time limits for kids and make sure they agree and build up before the game starts . But the game itself is wonderful and definitely worth downloading and trying for you and your kids.

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