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Do you like to play the leisurely healing type of games? What games do you usually play in your leisure time? The One I'm going to introduce you to today, I'm sure you'll like. The game is called Family Island TM Foshan Farming, a casual game created by Melsoft Games Ltd...


As the name suggests, if you desire pastoral life, you can download the game without hesitation. This is a family-themed farm-run mobile phone game, in which the player is a family of people living in a carefree rural environment who can dress up and transform the farm. Each piece of land can be used to plant crops and be harvested at harvest time. In the game, you will live a carefree idyllic life, and you can dress up your farm and make it better, on a desert island, without modern technology; what would your life be like? You need to help them rebuild their homes and deal with life situations humorously. A volcanic eruption razes the city they once lived in, and you allow the family to build a prosperous town while trying to help them find lost relatives and fellow villagers. In the farm game, the protagonists live in a world without any modern technology that seems ancient and alien to us. Yet, their daily family life and relationships have much in common today. The game uses 3D graphics and a God's eye view to see each scene.


You'll also be free to explore the vast island, searching for food wood. What about dangerous beasts? Quickly build a home from the animals and fire to scare off the animals. Oh, and you need to cook for the wildlings, Find Food, Wood, start a fire and start cooking. The original taste of the original survival game. Constantly processor crops to eat. A rich and exciting story. Easy and fun task trading. At this point, are you tempted?

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