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Family Island™ — Farming game is a farming strategy and management game published by Melsoft Games Ltd. Players are tasked with helping a family of four build a family home on a remote island.


The game goes into a very narrow island with only wood and long grass, but what's more exciting here is that the player is close to the beach. When the player is stranded on this remote island, the first thing the player must do is to clear the long grass, so that the lawn in the player's small house looks clean and wide, the player only needs to find the same grass. Of course, the person cleaning the grass is the child in the game character so that they can be independent. To survive on this remote island, the player is given an apple-like tree that can be picked and eaten, and in this game the player has to pick it and store it in a place in the house. Players will chop and eat after picking. To keep your family healthy, it's important to provide them with enough food. Players can also get additional food from selected buildings. Gradually, players will be able to build their own farms. It is important to help your family grow valuable crops and they will be able to trade with others they come across.


Additionally, players will try to reunite your family with their long-lost tribe while helping them build a thriving new town. Players will then start exploring new islands. Once the player has explored his island, he will be able to step on unknown islands and be able to explore them. Players must rebuild their homes and towns without modern technology. Instead, one must learn how to make the most of age-old technology.


Overall, one of the best things about Family Island™ is the professionally designed quest system that keeps you busy whenever players play. The visuals don't leave much to be desired. The texture of the game is delicate, the animation is very smooth, and the color matching is lively. It's an incredibly addictive game with a variety of exciting activities. I highly recommend players to try this game.

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