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Family Island™ — Farming game is a business strategy game published by Melsoft Games Ltd. The background of the game is set in the Stone Age. Players are tasked with helping a family of four build a family home on a remote island. It's great as a family game for you to enjoy this fun game with your kids.


Family Island™ — Farming game has a lot to recommend. First, it provides an interesting storyline. In Family Island™, players will be tasked with helping their families lose their former homes and tribes after their city was destroyed by a volcanic eruption. Additionally, players will try to reunite your family with their long-lost tribe while helping them build a thriving new town to call home. Players will then start exploring new islands. Once the player has explored his island, he will be able to set foot on unknown islands and be able to explore them. If players do not have modern technology, there will be challenges. This is a feature that sets Family Island™ apart from other farming simulators, where players must rebuild their homes and towns without access to modern technology. Instead, players must learn how to make the most of ancient technology. Also, players will be able to build their own farms. It is important to help your family grow valuable crops and they will be able to trade with others they encounter. Just like a traditional farming simulation, the player must clear the land to start growing the crop of your choice. Make sure to choose the crops you grow wisely so that players can sell them at great prices. Also, players can decorate your farm with a variety of interesting decorations. If lucky, players can unlock brand new decorations by completing quests. The developers of Family Island are constantly adding new decorations to the game. Best of all, players will learn more about the exciting quests your family is doing. Each mission the player completes will reveal new secrets about each member of your Stone Age family. At the same time, after completing each mission, players will be rewarded with diamonds. So it's well worth the effort to complete as many tasks as possible. Finally, players can earn extra food for your family from selected buildings. To keep your family healthy, it's important to provide them with enough food. Players will also be able to earn additional food from selected buildings.


One of the best things about Family Island™ is the professionally designed quest system that keeps giving you things to do whenever players play the game. This quest system does a great job of making sure the player has a sense of direction and an engaging experience every time. Its visuals don't really push the genre to new heights, but all things considered, they're quite engaging. The game's textures are delicate, the animations are very smooth, the color scheme is lively, and all things considered, the visuals don’t leave much to be desired.


Overall, Family Island is an incredibly addicting game with a wide variety of exciting activities. I highly recommend this game. It takes the tried-and-true gameplay that the genre has long been known for and combines it with some exciting ancient architectural elements to create a fun, enjoyable experience and enough to keep anyone hooked hours. You and your family will enjoy spending time together.

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