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Music producer, DJ, and sound engineer? No thanks! Become an instant producer of music with Incredibox. All you need to do is choose your favorite style among the 8 available atmospheres. Then, drag and drop the different loops on top of each other to create a mix that will suit all your needs: a track for a party or background music for your latest video game. In order to get the best result, you can also activate one more option: add vocals from some beatboxers.


Incredibox is part game, part utility, but it is first and foremost an aural and visual experience that has swiftly become popular among people of all ages. Incredibox is great for everyone since it has the proper balance of music, images, animation, and interactivity. Incredibox also offers 8 distinct musical genres so you can discover your perfect match since it makes learning exciting and interesting. You'll soon be singing the impossible, banging on the drums, or shaking a tambourine all in rhythm with other music makers. With the aid of a merry band of beatboxers, Incredibox is a music program that allows you to make your own music. Choose your musical style from eight stunning backdrops and begin laying down, recording, and sharing your mix.


Choose your musical style among the 8 available atmospheres:  urban, grime, dubstep, future-bass, trap, pop-trance, big room and ethereal. Simply drag and drop loops into each other to create a new piece of music in no time. Once you have created your own track or song you can share it on SoundCloud or through Facebook or Twitter. You can also get the original song in several high-quality audio formats。 fun and pleasure. Feel free to use it anywhere you want, even when you are on a trip. Have fun! And Enjoy!

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