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My Talking Angela is a virtual electronic pet game published by Out Fit 7 Ltd. Angela is a smart, beautiful, and cute kitten. The player's task is to take care of Angela's food and life, loving her like a real pet. It's just that she will imitate your speech. This game is perfect for women who like to decorate things and beautify their favorite Barbie dolls.


Angela the pretty kitten is a girl who cares a lot about her appearance. Players need to use their imagination to make Angela happy and comfortable so that she will become your best friend. Players need to buy Angela all kinds of cute clothes to dress her up. Players can also design various fashionable hairstyles for her. In addition to dressing up, the player must buy her a big house. Just like with your own house, players need to decorate the house so that your kitty will be happy. Angela loves snacks, and players should buy her from time to time and make her happy.


When it comes to taking care of Angela, not only Angela will gain happiness, but players will also gain happiness and company. Players will find it a blessing and a blessing to have a kitten friend as beautiful and kind as Angela. Angela would be willing to listen to all the troubles of her master who took care of her. She will be your faithful and reliable confidant. Angela has a sweet voice that players will love. You will experience time after time of comfort and warmth together.


There will be many wonderful feelings waiting for players to experience in My Talking Angela. It's a very fun game. Also, the graphics of the game are very good, and the animations are very smooth. Gameplay is simple. Trust me, you will not only be addicted but will love this game. Download it now. Adopt an Angela that belongs only to you.

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