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My Talking Angela is a puzzle game published by Out Fit 7 Ltd. The player's task is to play with Angela. Players need to take care of her, feed her snacks, and help her clean up her mess. The game is suitable for people of all ages, and your children can experience the joy of taking care of a cute and adorable kitty with cute Angela.


My Talking Angela is mainly divided into two parts. First, your kids can pet her and play with her, then help Angela find food and clean up her rubbish. In this part, the children brush Angela's teeth or bathe her, and, in addition, give her a regular nap time. If the children don't take good care of Angela, she may be frustrated, and then, the children will lose some further content. In the second part, the kids must protect Angela from the dangers of the big city. In addition, My Talking Angel has a couple of mini-games which are Arkanoid and tangram-style puzzle games.


Parents can rest assured that My Talking Angela has specially designed a child mode of the game. The system in this mode will ask you if you want to turn it on the first time the parent runs the app. Of course, at any other point in time, parents can manage it by tapping the little smiley face in the upper-right corner of the screen. The citation game includes the ability for users to text chat and upload photos taken through the game's app to social media, which may not be safe for very young children, if parents turn on kid mode, revealing in the process No information will be shared with anyone. All problems will be avoided.


Overall, My Talking Angela is a cute and interactive kids’ game with virtual pets. My Talking Angela has three different modes, including Story Mode, Puzzle Mode, and Sandbox Mode. The graphics of the game are simple but outstanding. The picture also has a lot of beautiful colors. The animations in the game are mostly still images, but their style will please your kids. The game is perfect for you and your kids to play together. Game skills are not difficult for children. So, download this cute game My Talking Angela for your kids now. This game is fun and it's free.

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