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Game lovers must hear Talking Tom, a hot game from Outfit7. It was a popular cute Talking Tom and provide a new experience for you! In Talking Tom Gold Run, a naughty raccoon named Roy Rakoon nabbed all the gold. Somebody has to stop it. As a player, you must help Talking Tom to snatch the gold and catch up to Roy through wild worlds. And in this thrilling chase, you need to help Talking Tom pass various obstacles. And if you do a great job, you will obtain awesome power-ups for solving the next difficulties. In addition, action-packed time trials are waiting for you in Talking Tom Gold Run, so you need to focus your attention on winning trials. And when you gradually adapted to this exciting world, you can unlock friends and get new outfits. Besides, you can unlock cute roles such as Talking Angela, Ginger, Ben and Hank. They are cute and smart, you must love them.


And if you are a lover who is interested in Outfit7’s products, you must try the Talking Tom Gold Run. In this game, there are links that direct customers to Outfit7’s websites and other apps, which you can enjoy other apps from Outfit7. And you can watch videos of Outfit7’s animated characters from YouTube integration. And it is also an economical game. You can purchase items, not only using virtual currency but also using alternative options to access all functionalities of Talking Tom Gold Run. If you love cute Talking Tom or Talking Angela and want to save your money, Talking Tom Gold Run is a good choice for you. In this exciting world, you can play with those lovely animals and help them win the gold, which is a good way for relaxing.

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