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Project Makeover was published by Magic Tavern, Inc. This game combines a dress-up game and a home decoration game. You play as a new fashion studio director and help people achieve their goals by dressing them up and decorating their homes. What you need to do is simple: follow the instructions, stylize your clients, decorate their homes, and make them stand out.


Overall, this is an acceptable makeover game, and there are a few thoughtful designs. For example, in the match-3 game (I will come back to the match-3 game later), you can obtain some mystery boxes if you clear enough blocks. Inside the box, there can be a necklace, earrings, etc. You can use these items as additional accessories for your clients. As you level up, there will be more challenging tasks and special blocks, such as washing machine blocks and button blocks. If you play the game for a while, you may think that this game is more like a match-3 game than a fashion game. The match-3 game is better designed and more addictive. If you want to play match-3 levels in a fashion context, this game is for you.


Back to fashion. There are some confusing settings in this game. The first one is about why we need to play the match-3 minigame. In this game, we play match-3 in order to earn coins for our clients to buy new clothes, haircuts, and makeup. This sounds weird because, normally, clients are the ones who pay for the order. So, although the matching game is appealing and challenging, it is not well justified by the storyline. Next, how this game defines beauty is controversial. Not everyone will agree that women look more beautiful if they dress in a more feminine way, and men look more handsome if they dress in a more masculine way. Also, this game has far more female avatars than male ones, making some players annoyed. But if you don’t consider it offensive and love match-3 games, you can give this game a try.

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