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The traditional board game The Game of Life has a long history. It was initially invented in 1860, and the modern version was released in 1960. Now, Marmalade Game Studio and Hasbro have published a digital sequel that you can play on your smartphone and your Switch! The rules in The Game of Life 2 are very close to its forerunner: spin your lucky wheel to move on a 3D board, make decisions along the way and experience what life has to offer. Unlike the original game, where the player with the most money wins, in The Game of Life 2, your score also includes knowledge, happiness, and wealth (such as a rare comic book). You can choose to earn more money or more attributes, or both!


This game is all about choices and chances. You can choose to live a totally different life from what you are living right now! There is no single answer and not a single way to win. In the first round, you choose either to get a job right away or to spend 100K to go to college for a better job and earn knowledge points. A job gives you a lucky number and a 50K bonus if you spin the number. If you want to get multiple PhDs, go for it! It’s up to you to be an astronomer with 5 kids or a robotic engineer with 6 dogs. It’s much easier to give birth to a baby or adopt a pet in the game. Also, Game of Life 2 is absolutely more inclusive than the traditional version. You can choose to play as a male, a female, or a non-binary person (the new purple peg). You can get married to a male, a female, or a non-binary. It's hard to get bored even with repeated movements because there are so many twists and turns along the way.


There are multiple play modes. If you like to play alone because of the current situation, there is a Single Player mode, where you play with AI players. You can also play online with people you know or don’t know. The Game of Life 2 won’t let you down unless you are looking for the exact same experience as the original face-to-face board game. 

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