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Game of Life 2 is a digital board game published by Marmalade Game Studio. This is a great opportunity to relive the classics. In the game of life, though, winning is largely determined by who has the most money, but in the sequel, players need to focus on your happiness, wealth, and knowledge. Money is not the only and everything. The new content does make player choices more strategic, allowing players to pursue goals that go beyond financial gain. Therefore, Game of Life 2's game goals are more focused on trying to live your best life. The game's journey takes players through education, careers, starting a family and other important choice.


The Game of Life 2 game is simple, spin a disc to determine how much the player will move on the board, while making decisions that reward or punish the player. The game starts with creating a character, picking a car, and determining the gender. The character selection has pink and blue and purple characters, with purple characters having both pink and blue qualities. You have the same options when it comes to getting married in the game, there are many different cars and skins for the player's character, and the player can unlock more by purchasing a season pass or completing in-game achievements. Once characters are sorted, players can choose how many people to play with. The game requires a total of four players. After the game starts, randomly choose a person to go first, and it is time to officially start.


In Game of Life 2, there are many different key points in the player's life that can lead the player down different paths, depending on the player's choices. Players will earn points for education, wealth and love. The player with the highest score in each category will earn more points at the end of the game, but any points collected in those categories will also earn points. At the end of the game, the player's total winnings and accumulated total points will be calculated as the final score.


Overall, The Game of Life 2 functions well. It has a blocky, colorful art style. It also has a nice touch. It has all the options players expect, including single player against AI opponents, online matchmaking, and online play with friends. Besides the default classic world, there are other boards to play. Players will be happy to see more ideas here. Game of Life 2 is a fun and worth downloading game. It will enrich your leisure time and make you think about life in joy.

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