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In Family Farm Adventure, players meet the handsome farmer, Toby. His family's farm was destroyed by a recent earthquake and he needs help rebuilding it. In this new farming game from HipSoft, you can grow crops and explore the islands in search of treasures to help with construction. Families can play together in multiplayer mode or each family member can have an independent adventure exploring the game separately!


Join Felicia and Toby on their adventures where they meet new friends and help them solve fun puzzles. Build up the farm, show your farming skills, harvest crops, and make friends! Inside the game Toby needs help completing quests on his farm. During your quest to rebuild the farm, you'll meet new friends including Rosie the horse who loves apples, and Chloe the dog who loves carrots. You can utilize their unique skill sets to solve puzzles and complete quests together! Once you collect enough materials from your own farm or from the islands that surround Toby's land, you can ask them for more help in rebuilding your farm.


And also, pets are ready to have fun with you. Grow flowers to attract butterflies and pet chickens on your farm. If you collect enough material, you can also have Toby build a fence and an ark so your pets can roam your farm freely. Grow crops on farmland and help them grow into full-grown plants. As they grow, you'll need to periodically use the watering can or hoe to keep the crops healthy. You can also trim plants in order to get more resources out of them when they're ready for harvest! Cut down harvested plants with shears and collect fruits like potatoes, carrots, apples and more! Explore mysterious islands and defeat dangerous monsters and look for buried treasure on mysterious islands surrounding Toby's farm.

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