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Homescapes is a free-to-play puzzle game that is addictive. As a sequel to Gardenscapes, which they launched in 2016, Playrix developed and launched this match-3 game in 2017. In its first week after release, the game was downloaded seven million times, and over 28 million downloads were made during the first month.


In Playrix's most heartfelt game, Homescapes, players can enjoy a visual novel experience while matching 3s. In the 18-month development process, three protagonists and over 30 supporting characters were created, and there were 7921 levels on November 27, 2021. Storyline revolves around Austin the Butler who attempts to move in with his parents Olivia and William. It is unfortunate that his parents plan to sell their house, which is in a poor state. Due to a lack of funds and age, his parents are hesitant to renovate, so Austin wants to encourage them not to sell the house and restore the house by himself. Through completing each fund and challenging level, the player gains access to new chapters in the story, where you can learn about Austin's childhood and Olivia and Williams' younger years. A thrilling adventure begins at Austin's doorstep. The tasks range from installing new stairs and taking care of the statues in the main hall to petting a cat. To restore a beautiful mansion on a verdant street, you need to play match three by swapping adjacent objects until at least three elements appear in a row or column. Upon completing every puzzle level, you receive in-game currency and a Star reward, both of which are necessary for completing tasks. Obtaining coins unlocks lives and power-ups in puzzle levels, and over millions of patterns can be used to customize your mansion. The options include wallpaper, furnishings, and other accessories to choose from. Your help is needed to restore warmth and comfort to the mansion of Austin the Butler's family. While the game generally received positive reviews, its lack of bonuses and low coin rewards caused some critics to find it less appealing and more challenging than the original Gardenscapes. Furthermore, elements from across the globe should be considered and China should not be the only country included. Many countries can be considered, including Thailand, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and many more.

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