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Homescapes is a puzzle match-3 game from Playrix. But it's an endless game, which means players can play forever and never reach the end. The game supports iOS and Android systems. Players can download it in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


In Homescapes, players start with a basic house with a kitchen and living room. Players start the game with one star, and then must collect these three stars to advance to the next level. Players start with five actions that they can use to clear elements from the screen. If the player is unable to clear these elements with five moves, the remaining tiles will count towards their points. Every time a player clears an element, they get an action. Players can also use their infinite lives to help them clear tiles.


Players will be given many rooms to repair and decorate during the game. These rooms have different puzzles. For example, in some levels in the game, the player must find the correct sequence of buttons to open a door. In some levels, the player has to find different items in the room and place them in the correct position to complete the puzzle


The graphics in Homescapes are good, meeting the high visual standards players expect. Although it is difficult to enjoy animated 3D graphics on smaller mobile device screens. 2D graphics more than make up for it. Not only is the matching game well-made, but the color depth of the characters is also excellent. In some ways, the 2D visuals are pretty good.


Overall, Homescapes is a fun game that players can play for hours at a time. It's addictive and it makes players want to keep playing. It has beautiful graphics, endless levels, and is suitable for all ages. If you're looking for a stress-relief game, Homescapes is a game worth downloading.

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