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Match 3 games are very popular right now and there are many examples like Candy Crush which are very successful. If you're looking for a puzzle match-3 game for your kids, I recommend Homescapes. It is a casual free-to-play puzzle game developed and launched by Playrix in 2017 as the successor to its 2016 match-3 game Gardenscapes. The game supports Apple's App Store and MacOS and Android systems. Currently, Homescapes has over 100 million downloads on Google Play and is one of the most recognizable puzzle games.


Homescapes' intro sequence is probably the best you've ever seen in a match-3 game, as it shows your child a small movie explaining some of the backstory. The storyline follows the game's protagonist Austin, the housekeeper, trying to restore his childhood home. After that, the game goes through a bunch of levels where tutorials have been implemented to teach kids the basics of the game. The tutorial levels are very rich, and they are also short so your child can complete them in minutes and when they are done the child will have a solid understanding of the game.


The gameplay of Homescapes can be divided into two core parts: match 3 games and house renovation. The match-3 game is standard and doesn't have any unusual elements. Most levels start by assigning children a goal and then giving them a limited number of moves to complete said goal. If the child manages to complete the goal, then you get some stars based on your performance, but, if not, the child must start the entire level from scratch. The stars kids get from these levels can be used to buy items to decorate the house, which is the core purpose of the game.


With the stars collected from the levels, the child will be able to buy various decorations which can then customize the mansion to your liking. The place sure looks messy at first, but when the kids manage to clean it up and decorate it, the kids are very happy with the result.


All in all, Homescapes looks amazing in addition to its innovative gameplay. The game's match-3 levels look spectacular thanks to gorgeous special effects and sharp objects, the user interface is sleek, the character designs are very vivid, and the color palette is vibrant, all things considered, the game is a treat. Homescapes is free to download and play, but it has microtransactions through which players can earn in-game bonuses with real-world money. Homescapes is a highly innovative match-3 game that I highly recommend you and your kids to try.

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