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Gardenscapes made the top ten list of free iPhone and iPad games in more than hundreds of countries. Playrix released it as part of their Scapes series in 2016 as a casual match-3 game. One year after the game's release, the developers also released a project similar to it - Homescapes, in which the protagonist returns to his childhood mansion and attempts to renovate it.


Firstly, the graphics in Gardenscapes make it an incredibly captivating and challenging game. In the game, you run a B&B hotel with hidden objects. It centers around a butler named Austin who attempts to restore the dilapidated mansion and garden. Match three games have to be completed in order to achieve the goal of renovating an old garden. You are awarded a star for completing a level, which you can use to complete tasks and restore the garden. earning a start is crucial to advancing in both the gardens and the storyline! Furthermore, you can also earn coins that can be used for boosters (e.g., Bombs and Rainbow Blasts) that are extremely useful for completing harder levels. These games are also extremely fun and entertaining. It provides you with the option to decorate newly cleaned-up areas of a massively overgrown garden as you level it up. As you complete the puzzles and collect the rewards, you will also get to meet interesting characters. After entering Austin's house, you will see him asking for your assistance to renovate the garden, which has fallen into disrepair. In the garden, you will find well-maintained lawns have become unkempt, and statues have crumbled or cracked. As you own the house in the game now, Austin, the butler is seeking your help to restore the garden to its former glory. When you renovate the garden and complete tasks, you begin to feel that it is your own garden while you play the game with Austin. Lastly, despite the fact that there are many casual games on the internet, Gardenscapes is unique in that, regardless of how difficult the challenges might be, it is always possible to win. Even though it may seem challenging at first, you will eventually reach your goal after numerous attempts. New levels are released every week! I have been playing this game for well over a year. It has been my go-to stress reliever.

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