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Gardenscapes is a diverse puzzle game. It is based on traditional match-3 gameplay. But unlike all games of the genre, Gardenscapes offers a lot more to do between levels. Do your best to renovate the haunted garden and turn it into a beautiful paradise on earth.


Gardenscapes is a fun and exciting game, especially for fans of SimCity and matching games. In the game, players need to dive into the world of professional gardening and renovate beautiful, abandoned gardens in the suburbs. It is in a picturesque area with ponds and lush vegetation. Players are tasked with removing trash, weeds, renovating all damaged buildings, and designing hundreds of new items. Every location in the game is locked to a challenge. Players must complete one or more match-3 puzzles to unlock them one by one and get the chance to work in the garden without problems.


Its soundtrack and soundscape are excellent. Gardens look full of life thanks to high-quality sound effects that simulate wind, water flow, and other natural sounds. The visuals are also perfect. The garden is so detailed and diverse that players are unlikely to remember all of its parts after the first play. Also, it changes as the player progresses. But it's still under the player's control, so try to make the player's best landscape design.


The game is fast and easy to master. It has the same tactile and swipe simplicity that anyone else who loves it enjoys quickly. Outside of puzzles, the game simply requires players to click from one button to the next to complete tasks.


The Gardenscapes game is excellent. Players won't notice the passage of time, and there are no dull moments while playing. There are a lot of puzzles out there, but this one stands out for its great gameplay. The biggest difference between this matching game and other games is the diverse gameplay between garden building and puzzle matching. All in all, Gardenscapes is worth checking out.

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