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Gardenscapes is a casual match-3 game released by Playrix in 2016 for Android and iOS devices and Facebook. Gardenscapes is a fun and exciting game, especially for lovers of both SimCity and matching games. In it, players can embark on an adventurous expedition with loyal butler Austin, matching 3 items and earning stars to renovate the old garden. When the player matches 3 objects in the puzzle, the player can start decorating and restoring the garden. You'll also meet interesting characters as players solve puzzles and collect rewards. In the game, players will find Austin asking you to help him renovate his garden in a state of depilation. You'll find manicured lawns worn down and statues in the gardens shattered or cracked. If you like match 3 games and love decoration games, Gardenscapes is a good choice for you. Austin, the housekeeper needs your help to transform the garden and restore it to its former glory.


Gardenscapes is no ordinary puzzle game. Unlike most matching games where puzzles are the main attraction. Gardenscapes gives its puzzles more purpose. This is very worthwhile for players to explore. The game starts with the player inheriting a huge mansion that includes a huge garden. The butler and your host Austin will walk you through the mechanics of the game, and they're always cheerful and smiling. This makes players very comfortable. Gardenscapes is based on the story and the growth of the garden, while the puzzle-solving part is secondary. Players who want more than just a mash-up puzzle game will find it worth it. It's both a SimCity game and a matching game, and it all depends on what the player is looking for in this type of game.


The game is divided into days and a garden is completed each day. Each garden has a series of small tasks that need to be completed to restore the garden. Suppose the player needs to sweep the floor before planting new bushes. This is a task that requires one star to complete. So, you play a puzzle game, earn stars, and use it to complete missions. Then the next quest to get furniture requires a star. Players play a puzzle game to get stars, which they then use to pick furniture. Then wash, rinse and repeat. During the first few missions, players will clear garden spaces, plant new greenery and pick fountains, while switching between matching games and landscaping missions. It doesn't stop there; the garden possibilities are almost endless.


The Gardenscapes game is fast and easy to master. It has the same touch and swipe simplicity that others who like it enjoy quickly. Outside of the puzzles, the game simply taps from one button to the next to complete the mission. The game's graphics are decent, and it meets the high visual standards players expect. Although it's hard to appreciate animated 3D graphics on smaller mobile device screens. 2D graphics more than make up for it. Not only is the matching game well made, but the color depth of the characters is outstanding. In some ways, the 2D visuals are pretty good. Still, the animations are seamless, which is impressive for a mobile game.


The biggest difference between this matching game of Gardenscapes and other games is the diverse gameplay between garden building and puzzle matching. If you're a player looking for something other than a puzzle game with an interesting story and good graphics, Gardenscapes is worth checking out.

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