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A Dance of Fire and Ice is a casual one-button rhythm game released by multinational online game developer 7th Beat Games. The game was first introduced in 2019 and has become popular ever since. Listen carefully to different rhythms and put focus on your finger as you guide the two orbiting planets (the “fire” and the “ice“) to the rhythm along the winding path. Try not to break an equilibrium and keep a consistent beat to get a higher score.


The beautiful graphic design provides you with worlds full of fantasy. The game features 20 different universes with each introducing a unique rhythm and landscape. You will dance the two planets in the map of triangles, octagons, squares, rectangles and more, and expect the different visual effects. The Jumping of the two planets is also charming and the flashing of their tails is as beautiful as a real meteor in the sky. The developer has been updating the game in a quick manner and each time players are provided with more new levels and loads of fun. Fantastic and chill music being added to the fantasy worlds make players vibe and just enjoy the calm moment.   


No professional music or note knowledge is required in this game. But having a good earring always helps in a rhythm game. One tip is to observe the road shape and try predicting the upcoming rhythm and the game will become easier. The beginning levels are quite easy in order to help you get familiar with the mechanism of the game faster, and as you feel better, you can expect faster music and a more changeable rhythm. If you fail one level, don’t worry, the game has the practice mode in which you are able to replay a segment of the level where you get stuck. Practice more and you will feel more skillful playing the game.

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