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Beatstar is a mobile rhythm game published by Space Ape. It's a game with easy-to-master gameplay and a smooth progression of difficulty. The player's task is to tap the square music blocks in the game in time with the music. Points are also awarded when the player does not hit them accurately. However, the player completely misses a square piece of music and the challenge for that level of the game is over. Players need to continue the game by spending gems.


Beatstar has playlists tailored to preferred age groups and musical eras, so players of all kinds can find a rhythm they like. Three vertical music bars in the game stretch the length of the phone's display. As the square music tiles slide towards the player from the top of the screen, the player must tap or swipe them precisely when the square music tiles overlap your bottom line. The closer the player's square music block is to the center of the Perfect bar, the higher the player's score.


If the player misses a square music block completely, the player's music stops on its track. The player then needs to pay gems to redo that part of the song. If the player chooses to pay, the player has a new chance to hit that sound square music block correctly. Players should remember that every time you miss a square music block, the cost of retrying increases, which means more gems to be invested. Therefore, the precision with which the player clicks the square music blocks is crucial to the completion of the game.


Overall, Beatstar is a game that plays and sounds great. The game screen is smooth and professional, and the types of songs in the game are very rich. The game has a particularly nice touch. Its background and notes will also be very bright. If you like music rhythm games. This Beatstar is a game that players should not miss.

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