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This game is so good it became viral. It has some typical mobile game problems such as daters and hackers but in general, it's insanely good, the interactions are really fun (with the mini crewmates), and there are many interesting stories that make you excited to play again. I've never found myself bored with this game until I was stuck in an infinite loop of the crewmates not working right. If you want to play a great interactive cliche sci-fi world, then look no further than among us!


It's been a while since I've found myself enjoying playing something that didn't seem like a chore. I just downloaded this game but found myself continuing to come back for more. I love the mystery and the suspense of having aliens that are living amongst us. It's a unique concept and is a blast to play through. The art style is beautiful and easy on the eyes, which is a great aspect of a mobile game. So far, my main complaint is that it's quite easy to become trapped in particular regions or loops where you can't do anything without restarting, which becomes something of a bother. But a lot of fun!


This game reminds me of “Hack”, an old anime series about characters who were trapped inside an MMORPG called 'The World'. The developers of this game did a great job adapting an anime series into a mobile game and making it something you can enjoy while on your way to work or school. The characters are unique and fun to interact with, especially since they have different personalities depending on who their partner is. It's neat to see how the partner you're with changes depending on who you're playing as. There are so many different twists to each story which I am always excited to find out what happens next! The stories themselves are very creative which makes me want to keep playing.

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