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Beatstar is a beat game about the rhythm of the music. It was released by Space Ape. This game creates a more realistic music rhythm atmosphere for players by using unique features. For kids who love music and rhythm. Especially for children whose main motivation for playing rhythm games is to play along with their favorite songs, then Beatstar is an especially good choice. It has many music genres, including music types from different eras, and the content is very rich. The way the game works is when your kids hear the music and must tap the squares that appear on the phone. The closer a child's block is to the center of the Perfect bar, the higher their score.


Beatstar is a free game. It was mainly created for music lovers. Children will encounter many challenges here. Meanwhile, kids can enjoy their favorite music completely free of charge while playing the game. Even more fun, kids can improve the songs they listen to by adding new beats inside. During the game, kids must tap the beat on their phones. When children see the square with arrows and lines, they need to follow the arrows to complete the operation. Plus, kids can share the music they've created.


Beatstar is so simple that kids don't need to spend much time learning how to tap and swipe to create new beats in the music. The game has no other skills to master. But kids must follow the rhythm. Never miss a beat, no matter how fast or complex the melody gets. Because if the kids miss a beat completely, their concert stops on its track. Then the kids had to pay gems to redo that part of the song. Also, as kids miss more beats, kids spend more of their gems. Therefore, the accuracy of children's click rhythm is crucial to the completion of the game.


The game supports the use of Android and iOS systems. It is the perfect game for kids to become future musicians or music fans. Children can experience and learn the rhythm and street beat when playing, and at the same time, they can understand the songs they have re-created. After a while, kids can master their own skills to beat the rhythm of music and become super music experts. Don't hesitate, download it now for your child.

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