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Do you have a pet? Do you like animals? Like a kitten. Would you like that? Would you like it if you could have a virtual kitten to keep you company? The game I'm going to introduce you to is My Talking Tom, developed by Outfit7 Limited.


If you open this game, you will love it very quickly. You can raise your very own Tom in my talking Tom. Feed him, play with him, raise him from a cute kitten to a full-grown Tom. Choose your favorite color from various coat colors, hats, and glasses. You can also decorate his den, make it more comfortable and watch it gradually become a part of your life. The game screen is lifelike and beautiful, bright screen, lovely modeling, natural site, exciting interaction, bringing players a relaxed, pleasant visual experience. Of course, the game itself has some drawbacks, such as moving from the classic vertical to the horizontal and from the earliest four-headed characters to two-headed characters. However, all this does not obscure the higher quality of the game itself—personal dynamic effects with various delicate scenes and modeling for the game to add more fun. From My experience, My Talking Tom can be regarded as a fun game for all ages. The simple operation and easy-to-understand novice guide in the game meet the needs of children's play. And some real-life experiences and let adults get the joy of raising pets, a variety of pet choices so that players like a variety of pets can find their own goals to get the best gaming experience. Play games with him, feed him his favorite food, put him to bed. Isn't it fascinating enough to record and share your own Tom Cat Video? You can also play ten mini-games, such as Jell-o connect, bubble shooter, brick breaker. Winning gold coins is fun! Don't hesitate; just download it now!

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